We do our best to be an entrepreneur friendly investment group. Most of the members of the group are entrepreneurs themselves.

How It Works

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1. Source the Deals

The Cherub Fund sources deals through it's members. Your best bet for being considered is to seek out one of our members and convince them to pitch your company to the group. Have an AngelList profile before reaching out to our members.

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2. Evaluation

Our evaluation process is quick. We can typically tell within one to two meetings if you're a good fit for our group. You'll have a couple meetings with a subset of the Cherub Fund membership and then we will decide as a group whether or not to invest.

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3. Make the deals

All terms are kept simple. Cherub Fund members take common stock and paperwork is kept to a minimum. Afterall, our members are trying to be angels, not devils.


1) Our members find companies and we take a look at them as a group.
2) A company seeks out one of our members and convinces that member to pitch their company to the group.
• A strong team
• A committed team
• Traction
• A concept in a space where your team can succeed and we can add value
• Did we mention a strong team?
Just an AngelList profile and short (10 slide or less) pitch deck.
Nope. We find business plans for startups to be some of the greatest pieces of fictional works that we've ever read. The companies we invest in are too early stage for the business plan to be meaningful or accurate.
Yes, but if you do not already have the entity formed, we can help you through this process.
$2-$4K with a double down strategy. The double down strategy means that if we invest into your company, we will offer you the same investment amount and same investment terms in 4-8 months. For example, if we decide to invest $4K into your company today, we would tell you that we have another $4K for your company (on the same exact terms) in 6 months, should you want to take it.

Think you have what it takes?

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